Welcome to Burn Brae Medical Group, one of the longest established Medical Practices in the UK, much older than the NHS itself.  We are based in Hexham, Northumberland and our catchment area covers approximately 200 square miles.  We are a recipient of the highest quality award in UK General Practice. Read More


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Due to restrictions imposed by COVID we won't be able to run our flu vaccination campaign in the same was as usual. Although we will be offering a mix of appointment types, including more traditional clinic appointments and for some patients in-car vaccination, we will need to run large scale mass vaccination clinics. To keep these clinics running smoothly and safely it is vital that patients come prepared. So please note the following points about how these clinics will run.

  • Please check our website prior to setting off. Any last-minute notices will be posted on the home page.
  • Only patients with a booked flu vaccination appointment should attend. Vacination is by appointment only.
  • Please wear a face covering in line with current guidelines unless you are exempt
  • Please arrive at your appointment time - not early or late.
  • You will be met at the entrance by a member of staff and will wait outside until we are ready for you. 
  • The handwash sinks will not be in use on the day, instead hand gel will be provided and can be used on entry and exit
  • Our reception desk will not be in use. On entry there will be a table on your left with staff on hand to check you in.
  • A one-way system around the waiting room will be in operation, with social-distancing signage in place while you wait for your vaccination.
  • If you have a similar appointment time to your spouse/partner you can stay together and be vaccinated at the same time.
  • It is really important that you dress appropriately for your vaccination. You might want to bring a bag to carry your coat or jumper.
  • You will be called forward to a vaccination station to receive your vaccination.Your flu vaccine will be given into your upper arm so that needs to be uncovered ready for vaccination before you reach the vaccination station
  • There is no need to wait in the surgery after your vaccination.
  • You will be directed when to leave so that patients aren't coming in and out of the building at the same time.

All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and we will be closely following the guidelines provided by NHS England. 

It is important to note that whereas traditional flu vaccination clinics are held behind closed doors in a consulting room the mass vaccination clinics will be held within the waiting room and if you are not comfortable with that arrangement please book an alternative clinic appointment. If you have a history of fainting when being vaccinated or you know you can't stand in a queue for example then consider an alternate clinic.

Our team will be working hard all day to deliver a safe and speedy vaccination clinic with minimal queuing. While we have planned the clinics as best we can we appreciate your patience if there are any unforeseen hold-ups on the day. 

Thank you to all of our patients who attended our mass flu vaccination clinic on Saturday 12th September. The team received a lot of very positive feedback on the day and since for which we are grateful. In order to ensure that we can vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as we can, we are planning to hold another mass vaccination clinic on Saturday 3rd October after we have received our next supply of vaccine. The appointments for that clinic will be available to book from Thursday 17th September. Please note that this clinic will be run very differently to our usual flu appointments and it's therefore important that you read the information on how our mass vaccination clinic will run.

We are also continuing to hold smaller routine clinics which are particuarly suitable for patients who need a little more time, perhaps being less mobile. .  

NHS England have instructed us that people in the 50-64-year old age group will not be vaccinated until November and December, providing there is sufficient vaccine, and no appointments will be offered for this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first. If you are 50-64 and you are in one of the other groups which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you can be vaccinated at any time. 

After many years of faithful service we have taken the decision to retire our repeat prescription line. There are a few reasons for this, most notably because a significant proportion of our patients now make their requests online. We will still continue to take requests for repeat prescriptions by phone, but instead of phoning a dedicated number between set times, you can now simply phone the main surgery number on 01434 603627. It would be best to phone after 10am to avoid our busiest time of day. We do prefer requests to come via our online system, if you wish to sign up just ask a member of the reception team. Many thanks.

If you have either a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss of taste or smell stay at home. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO A GP SURGERY, PHARMACY OR HOSPITAL.  You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you're staying home. Use the online NHS 111 tool if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, if your condition gets worse or you do not feel better after 7 days. Only call 111 if you cannot use the online service.

 If you visit the Practice for any reason at all, please wear a face covering before entering the building. This does not apply to small children or those with breathing difficulties.

We have a dedicated Coronavirus page on our website with information on what we're doing as a Practice to support our patients, how we are working differently and what services we are able to offer at this time. 

A routine urine dipstick test has shown there to be red blood cells in your urine, although this is not seen with the naked eye.

This could be due to a urinary infection and can easily be treated with antibiotics. Your urine will be sent to the lab to check for an infection. These results will be back within 5 days. Please ring the surgery and reception will be able to tell you the results.

The presence of red blood cells in 2 out of 3 urine samples would indicate haematuria.

Haematuria is the presence of blood in the urine. Blood can come from any part of the urinary tract. This includes the kidneys, urethra, bladder and prostate in men. This may need further investigation to find the cause of the blood in the urine.

Please bring in 2 further urine samples in a WHITE top bottle (available from reception) at least two weeks apart. Please ensure sample bottles are clearly labelled with full name and date of birth. Strenuous activity such as long distance running and heavy lifting is a normal cause for blood in the urine. Please leave 3-4 days after strenuous activity before submitting a sample.

Please ring for the results the following day and a message will be left for you to either bring in a 3rd sample or the see your GP.

Sometimes when you or your family are unwell, you may not need to make an appointment to see your GP (family doctor). Your local community pharmacist is a trained medical professional who can provide free advice on the best treatment for a wide range of illnesses and minor ailments.

As well as free medical advice, your local community pharmacy can now also provide free medication for some illnesses and minor ailments under a scheme called Think Pharmacy First. Think Pharmacy First allows people who receive free prescriptions to go straight to their pharmacist to receive treatment without needing to visit their GP to get a prescription first.

The scheme is available to adults who are entitled to free prescriptions on the grounds of low income and their children along with all people aged 60 or over.

The Practice has invested in a new machine for the waiting room. It automatically measures your height and weight and then calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Burn Brae Medical Group is delighted to collaborate with Tyne Green Parkrun and become an official ‘Parkrun practice’. We hope that many of our patients alongside our staff will get involved with this fantastic weekly event - whether you run, jog, walk, push a buggy or help to marshal.

The event is held every Saturday at 9am at Tyne Green in Hexham. If you optionally sign up online you will be able to print off a barcode to log your time and track your progress.

From 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, impose additional obligations on organisations and gives you extra rights around how your data is used.
We want you to know that we respect the information we hold on you and that we take the security of your information very seriously. We have new Privacy Notices available to give you more information on the data we hold on you, what we do with that data, who we share your data with and your new rights under GDPR.

During the Coronavirus pandemic NHS England are collecting additional information from our systems and further details are provided on the attachment below