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Important Update: 26th November 2020

All patients aged 50+ are now eligible for a free flu vaccine. We will be vaccinating over the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December. If you wish to have a flu vaccine this year please book an appointment without delay either online or by phoning us on 01434 603627.  Prior to attending please read about our mass vaccination clinics.

We also have plenty of each type of vaccine for all age groups: at-risk children and all children aged 2-3 years, at-risk adults aged 18-64 and all adults aged 65+    Please call to arrange an appointment for vaccination. Uptake in the over 65s is nearly 90% but we would urge anyone not vaccinated to come forward.



The vaccines that we will be using this year are:

For the vast majority of children aged 2-17 years we will be using Fluenz Tetra as in previous years. The product information leaflet explains more about the vaccine. For a few children who cannot have a live vaccine we will be using an alternative injectable vaccine.

For adult patients aged 18-64 we have been using two vaccines and the product information leaflets are available to read for Influvac and Flucelvax. Flucelvax can also be given to patients aged 65+ though we would routinely use Fluad for this group if we have sufficient supplies. The product information leaflet for Fluad explains that this vaccine contains an adjuvant which is added to boost the immune response.

We will also be using Flublok which an egg-free vaccine suitable for adult patients.

Our flu vaccination special patient newsletter has more information on our flu programme