You may have experienced significant anxiety during lockdown, from fear of infection, loneliness and isolation, especially those who have been shielding. We have been working throughout this period offering advice to patients by telephone and we see this as the best way of providing routine appointments over the coming months. We have also been providing blood testing and vaccination in a safe way at the Practice and this will continue. The main message for our diabetic patients is that we are open and can help if you have any problems. Just phone us on 01434 603627.

Research has shown that poorly controlled Diabetic HbA1c and Blood Pressure increases the risk of mortality with covid-19 as well as increased risk of microvascular complications. The table below summarises the risks raised HbA1c or blood Pressure.


Red Zone

Amber Zone

Green Zone

HbA1c mmol/mol

Over 86


Under 60

Blood Pressure

160/100 or above

141/81 to 159/99

Under 140/80

HbA1c is the most modifiable risk we can reduce with lifestyle or medication changes.

Symptoms of hyperglycaemia such as lethargy, thirst, thrush and frequency of passing urine may indicate your blood glucose is raised and it is important to phone the surgery and speak to a Practice Nurse or GP.

We have found during lockdown that many patients have not been as active and eating more snacks or baking, so blood glucose levels have risen and weight gained so treatment may need adjusting. Sometimes patients who have been shielding haven’t been able to get to the shops and are eating less or different foods and suffered from hypos with blood glucose levels less than 4 so we may need to reduce medication or insulin.

If you would like a meal planner then look no further than the Diabetes UK website. They have 7 day meal planners for a range of people such as families, vegetarians and even truckers!

We still have access to our dietician, Claire, and she is providing telephone consultations. If you wish to make contact with her please call us and speak to a receptionist.

We are also concerned about foot health and the short video below is really worth watching.

Louise and Alison are reviewing lists of patients who are due to be reviewed each month and they are phoning patients to check how they are doing and reviewing any home readings and we are also offering blood testing appointments.  Many patients now have their own blood pressure machines and we would really encourage patients to buy their own if possible

It will be some time before eye screening can return to the Practice though you may be contacted to visit another location.

Please be assured that if you come to the Practice for a blood test we have put measures in place to make this safe for you and particularly when there are low levels of covid locally we would encourage you not to delay your blood tests.