The majority of people with a covid-19 infection have a mild to moderate illness. For some people the illness can be more severe and may result in hospital admission. These people will require at least oxygen therapy and it is really important not to delay going into hospital. Covid-19 can reduce the oxygenation of the blood and in many cases this can happen without the patient being aware that their oxygen levels are too low. If your GP is concerned that this might happen to you then they will arrange to loan you a PulseOximeter. This is a simple device that you attach to your finger and it shines a light through your skin to calculate how much oxygen your blood is carrying. We have put these devices into boxes with instructions for use and a log sheet to record your results. Please read the instructions carefully as they have important information on how to take readings and what to do if the readings are below acceptable levels.

This short animation is worth viewing for more information.