The NHS Digital Weight Management programme offers free, online access to weight management services for those who have a BMI greater than 30 and who also have diabetes or high blood pressure, or both. The BMI threshold will be lower at 27.5 for people from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds, as we know people from these ethnic backgrounds are at an increased risk of conditions such as Type 2 diabetes at a lower BMI.

The programme is an accessible and onvenient way to help you develop healthier eating habits, be more active and lose weight. You will only be able to access this programme if you have a smartphone or computer with internet access.

More information is available in the attached leaflet. If you wish to be referred to the service please complete complete an e-consultation and ask for "administrative help" and request a referral. If you have any queries about the referral of the programme please book a telephone appointment with a Practice Nurse.


There are many common respiratory viruses seen in children, which most will have had by the time they turn 2.

However, in children under 2, the more serious consequences can lead to bronchiolitis, infection of the lower airways, that can make the airways inflamed and mucusy making it harder to breath.
The early symptoms of bronchiolitis are similar to those of a common cold, such as a runny nose and a cough.
Further symptoms can develop over the next few days, and may include:

  • a slight high temperature (fever)
  • a dry and persistent cough
  • difficulty feeding
  • rapid or noisy breathing (wheezing)
  • parents should seek emergency NHS care if their child become breathless – the most common symptom of severe RSV.

England's lockdown rules ended on 19th July. It will no longer be a legal requirement to wear a mask or face covering and the social distancing rules are being removed.

However, the public are reminded that everyone accessing or visiting healthcare settings must continue to wear a face covering and follow social distancing rules. 

Public Health England’s infection prevention control guidelines and hospital visiting guidance are set to remain in place for all staff and visitors.

That means NHS visitor guidance will stay in place across all health services including hospitals, GP practices, dental practices, optometrists and pharmacies to ensure patients and staff are protected.

The data held in the GP medical records of patients is used every day to support health and care planning and research in England, helping to find better treatments and improve patient outcomes for everyone. NHS Digital has developed a new way to collect this data, called the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection. For more information please see the NHS Digital website.

If you wish to opt out of this data collection please complete the form below and return it to the surgery. 

The Department of Health have published information on demonstrating your vaccination status when travelling abroad. Please read this guidance as it explains how you can obtain proof of vaccination through the NHS App or by calling 119.  Please do not request proof of vaccination status from us as we are unable to provide it. The only accept proof of vaccination is via a letter from 119 or the NHS app. Both provide you with a QR code. 

Updated 21st April 2022. Please read on for the latest news on the covid-19 vaccination programme.

Our mass vaccination clinic allow us to vaccinate large numbers of people in a controlled and socially-distanced way. To keep these clinics running smoothly and safely it is vital that patients come prepared. So please note the following points about how these clinics will run.

  • Please check our website prior to setting off. Any last-minute notices will be posted on the home page.
  • Only patients with a booked flu vaccination appointment should attend. Vacination is by appointment only.
  • Please wear a face covering in line with current guidelines unless you are exempt
  • Please arrive at your appointment time - not early or late.
  • You will be met at the entrance by a member of staff and will wait outside until we are ready for you. 
  • The handwash sinks will not be in use on the day, instead hand gel will be provided and can be used on entry and exit
  • Our reception desk will not be in use. On entry there will be a table on your left with staff on hand to check you in.
  • A one-way system around the waiting room will be in operation, with social-distancing signage in place while you wait for your vaccination.
  • If you have a similar appointment time to your spouse/partner you can stay together and be vaccinated at the same time.
  • It is really important that you dress appropriately for your vaccination. You will need to easily bare your upper arm for vaccination. We cannot vaccinate through clothing.
  • You will be called forward to a vaccination station to receive your vaccination.Your flu vaccine will be given into your upper arm so that needs to be uncovered ready for vaccination before you reach the vaccination station
  • There is no need to wait in the surgery after your vaccination.
  • Staff will direct you to ensure social distancing on exit from the building.

All staff will be wearing appropriate PPE and we will be closely following the guidelines provided by NHS England. 

It is important to note that whereas traditional flu vaccination clinics are held behind closed doors in a consulting room the mass vaccination clinics will be held within the waiting room and if you are not comfortable with that arrangement please book an alternative clinic appointment. If you have a history of fainting when being vaccinated or you know you can't stand in a queue for example then consider an alternate clinic.

Our team will be working hard all day to deliver a safe and speedy vaccination clinic with minimal queuing. While we have planned the clinics as best we can we appreciate your patience if there are any unforeseen hold-ups on the day. Our previous mass vaccination clinics have run very efficiently with patients typically entering and exiting the building in under two minutes.

If you have either a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss of taste or smell arrange a covid test online or phone 119. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO A GP SURGERY, PHARMACY OR HOSPITAL.  Use the online NHS 111 tool if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, if your condition gets worse or you do not feel better after 7 days. Only call 111 if you cannot use the online service.

 If you visit the Practice for any reason at all, please wear a face covering before entering the building. This does not apply to small children or those with breathing difficulties.

We have a dedicated Coronavirus page on our website with information on what we're doing as a Practice to support our patients, how we are working differently and what services we are able to offer at this time. 

Sometimes when you or your family are unwell, you may not need to make an appointment to see your GP (family doctor). Your local community pharmacist is a trained medical professional who can provide free advice on the best treatment for a wide range of illnesses and minor ailments.

As well as free medical advice, your local community pharmacy can now also provide free medication for some illnesses and minor ailments under a scheme called Think Pharmacy First. Think Pharmacy First allows people who receive free prescriptions to go straight to their pharmacist to receive treatment without needing to visit their GP to get a prescription first.

The scheme is available to adults who are entitled to free prescriptions on the grounds of low income and their children along with all people aged 60 or over.