We are making some changes to our online systems. If you make appointments, order prescriptions and might like to view your medical records online then please read on.


For many years we have offered patients the opportunity to make appointments, order prescriptions and send us messages using the Appointments Online system.  We have several thousand users of this system. Appointments Online is now also able to offer patients more information from their medical record: Recent acute as well as repeat medication, allergies and their vaccination history.  To enable these new features please send a message from your online account and one of our team will sort that for you. Please note that it can take several days for the information to appear online.

In addition to all of the above, we are now able to offer patients the option of ALSO signing up to Patient Access. This system will enable you to order repeat prescriptions and send messages but will also allow you to see more of our medical record.  So in addition to what you would see on Appointments Online you will be able to see a list of your list of medical conditions. In time we will extend what you can see to include laboratory results, letters and consultations. Because we plan to allow you to view potentially very sensitive information using Patient Access we are starting to use it with a very strong identity checking facility.  This means that to sign up you have to attend the Practice, read through a leaflet explaining what you are signing up for, complete an access form and provide proof of your identity. Once our receptionist has checked your identity and enabled access on our system you will be handed your access creditentials. This is the only way that we can be 100% sure that it is YOU that we are granting access to.  

If you wish to make appointments AND view your medical records then you will need to sign up to both systems. For most people the system that they use regularly will be Appointments Online to order prescriptions and make appointments. They would then occasionally use Patient Access to check details in their medical record. We hope therefore that having two systems isn't a problem for people.