Community Nurses
Our community nursing team are qualified nurses who have completed a course of additional training to enable them to give skilled nursing and health care to people both in their own homes and on the surgery premises.  Treatment room sessions offer a wide range of services such as  general advice on health care, wound dressings and ear syringing.  

Health Visitors
Health visitors are qualified nurses with postgraduate qualifications, specialising in child and family health.  They visit all families with children under 5 years to advise and support in all aspects of child care.  Health Visitors work in the community, alongside other members of the Primary Health Care Team, seeing people in the home and in clinic settings to promote healthy lifestyles.  They contribute to maternity services in clinics and in homes.  They may be contacted at The Abbey Clinic, Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and through the surgery.

Community Nursery Nurse
Our community nursery nurse is trained in child development and works alongside health visitors with children who have sleeping, feeding, toileting and behavioural difficulties.  She promotes positive parenting and participates in the routine developmental screening assessments.  She offers breast feeding support and runs baby massage sessions.

Community Midwife
Our community midwife provides care for mothers before and after delivery, and care for the baby for the first fortnight of life.  Occasionally, she may deliver babies in hospital or at home.  Doctors and midwives share the care of patients between them.  Our midwife can be contacted through our reception staff or the maternity unit at Hexham General Hospital.

Our dietician offers specialist advice about food to diabetics and those at high risk of diabetes.  The dietician works with people to promote nutritional well being, prevent food-related problems and treat disease.

If you are troubled by for example, anxiety, depression, stress or relationship worries your GP may refer you to a practice counsellor.