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You can order your repeat prescription as follows:

  • in person at the reception desk
  • by completing and returning the right hand side of your last prescription
  • using onlines services such as the NHS App by telephoning on 01434 603627 if you cannot use other means, but please phone in an afternoon when we are less busy on the phones

Please help us to help you by giving us 48 hours (2 working days) to receive, process, review, sign and send to a local pharmacy if applicable.  Our Receptionists regularly process over 700 repeat prescriptions each week and around 30% of them are requested on a Monday.

If you would like your prescription sent to a local pharmacy please let us know when you order your prescription.  Please remember that the pharmacy may need to order your medication which could take several days so you may need to allow extra time for your prescription to be ready.  There are ongoing disruptions to the medicines supply chain for large numbers of items being unavailable at any one time. These shortages are sometimes ongoing for months or may last only a few weeks. They also affect some pharmacies and not others depending on who their suppliers are. As a Practice we rely on the pharmacy to inform the patient of any items they cannot obtain and to suggest an alternative that they can obtain. 

If you have a query with your prescription then please or ask at reception. 

Please take note of any messages we may leave for you either printed or stapled to the right-hand side of your prescription.  The pharmacy will always give this side back to you when you collect your prescription from them.