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If you have had a blood test at the surgery then the results will be sent back us for review and comment by a member of our clinical team. Different blood tests can taken different times to come back, so it's possible that if you have a number of tests done and contact us soon after that we may not have all of your results to hand at that time. Please therefore wait at least a week before contacting us so that we have time to collate all of your results and comment on them. 

You can also check your results on the NHS App (or Patient Access) and you will be able to see not just the results but also any comments added by the GP or Nurse.

If we have referred you for a scan (Xray or Ultrasound for example) then these results are sent back to us for comment and you will be able to view the written report on the NHS App along with any comment from the GP. In general scans take longer to report than blood tests, in some case several weeks. 

If your results require urgent follow-up then the lab will telephone us and we will contact you directly. 

As with all clinical information, results of blood tests or scans will only be provided to the patients themself or to parents/guardians of children.